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About Me

Photo by  Kelly Zhu

Photo by Kelly Zhu


I'm Miranda Petrosky, a multi-disciplinary designer living in New York City.

I've been designing since before I knew what to call it, from t-shirts and posters to my Neopets' profile pages.
After earning my BFA in Graphic Design from St. Edward's University in 2013 I began to do it for a living, and have been ever since. 

My experience working with small agencies to large corporations in-house has left no stone unturned in terms of project variety and scope. While I specialize in digital product design, I've worked on just about everything, from woodblock printing and editorial to virtual reality and video games. Iā€™m happy doing just about anything as long as I'm helping to solve a viable problem.

Off the clock I'm often out with my dog Lumin, making prints and t-shirts, playing video games, re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or hosting board game nights.

Feel free to contact me at hello@mirandamakes.me for inquiries or just to chat.